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I haven’t bought groceries in over a month because my anxiety won’t let me.
Every time I try to tell myself it’s time to buy groceries I can’t get myself around to it. My anxiety tells me that spending money on that is a waste, that I should save it in case of an emergency. Last week I got really sick because I haven’t been eating more than some chips or some crackers here and there. I had to take off of work for two days. Which of course makes everything worse because now I have two fewer days of money. Finances have always been a trigger for my anxiety. It’s just never been like this before. I’ve been stealing food from my roommate and I feel so guilty. I just can’t come around to spending money. I would appreciate any advice or support. This is really a tough time for me. Thank you guys.

My 12 year old daughter asked her best friend and She said yes.
They have been best Friends since birth. And have sleepovers all the time. My question is this. If She would have a boyfriend I obviously wouldn't let them shave a sleepover because of their age. But I don't feel it is right to stop sleepovers now all of a sudden. I am a bit lost. They are the cutest couple though! Advice, please.

I miss him
How do you handle still missing your SO when they left and caused so much pain? I am seriously just angry at myself for this. He caused so much pain. I miss my life and the future I believed I saw so much. I miss talking to my best friend and our inside jokes. I told him outright I was going to be pulling back from texting (I had been to send him photos of our daughter) and I miss even doing that. It just makes me feel like a doormat. I know getting to know other people will help but it just feels so impossible. Meetup just plain ****s around here. I’m not traveling an hour each way on ****ty transit to exhaust myself staying out late with strangers I don’t know just to drag myself back home and wake up after a short sleep. I wish I could talk and joke around with him like I used to but I can’t and it just hurts. And I hate that I want to. What do you guys do when that feeling hits?