3 years alcohol free 1st of December
My life has changed so much in these 3 years it's unbelievable my wife and kids love me I've my own business doing well and with a medication, I have control of my bipolar. Anyone thinking of quitting whatever poison you're on give it a go, you've nothing to lose.
by john at 2018-11-19T16:47:35
Amazing stuff! My girlfriend is planning on quitting smoking at New Years, do you have any advice for me with regards to things I should avoid saying/doing? (I don't smoke myself so it's hard for me to understand how she might feel when she stops?)
by marcus at 2018-11-19T17:08:42
Congrats man! great to hear that your bipolar is under control. I'm sure it has to do with meditation. Meditation and prayer has done wonders for my anxiety and depression.
by lilly at 2018-11-19T17:08:29
This is very inspiring! Congratulations! You’re right. I’m trying to have it be a New Years resolution to quit my poison. And this is definitely something to aspire to. Thank you for your post!
by sally at 2018-11-19T17:08:19