Coffee, Redbull and Cigarettes
So yeah, lately my day usually starts with 2 cups of coffee and then I keep adding more and more, max in a day I can hit 5-7 cups and on top of that a few red bulls, the worst I had was 7 cups of coffee and 4 cans of redbull. Meanwhile also smoking 2 packs a day. It all keeps me awake while I make music, lately, I just can't imagine my creative process without drinking a cup of coffee and smoking cigs. I know it's killing me slowly, but god damn it makes me feel good...
by jordan at 2018-11-19T18:21:23
It's not killing you slowly. It's killing you much faster than that. That combo, while obviously you can't OD on them, is just as bad as drugs. I don't know how anyone can still be smoking in 2018. I get there is a litany of reasons it's addictive. But if you give a **** about yourself or anyone who comes within 5 ft of you, you'd do something to quit. Get a patch or the gum. Use ****ers to ween off the oral fixation. Oh and just flat out stop drinking red bull. That **** is poison. Sack it up dude.
by sally at 2018-11-19T18:23:58
To save as much of your health as you can just buy caffeine pills instead and get rid of all the energy drinks ASAP, even if you are taking caffeine pills and still drinking beverages with caffeine just drink coffee only and drink as much as you need to stave off the really bad headachess and everything else that comes with caffeine withdrawls. If you can't drink it black then use the least amount of cream and sugar you can handle.
by jake at 2018-11-19T18:23:49
Stop drinking red bull! If you must then drink ONE can because the vitamin overdose will surely kill you if you continue doing so! There are much more stimulating drugs than caffeine, I can assure you, just everything in moderation my Friend!
by john at 2018-11-19T18:23:39