MRI needed but... had massive Panic Attack
I have had MRI's before. I hated it. I have struggled through them. However the other day, I got halfway done and freaked out. The being in that tiny tube and the loud noise and not being able to move was just too much. I think the ones where I was able to watch tv and put on something funny helped me. I had music going but it kept having songs that I just didn't care for either. I literally had to get out of there and it took me a couple of days to recover from this panic attack. I didn't want to be near people or anything stimulus afterward. I laid in bed playing mindless games on my phone. In about another week or so, I am supposed to go back and try again at a different facility. apparently, the nurses there can give me something to calm my nerves. Just thinking about going back is triggering my anxiety. I am in massive lower back hip and leg and knee pain. The xrays were done. I can't go through with the MRI. I just can't. apparently, there are some problems with my discs in my lower back and in my hips but my doctor wanted more tests. Is there anything else I can ask to be done? I just don't want to do this MRI. I have numbness and shooting pain in my legs and joint pain in my hips and knees. Doctors believe I have Fibro, Arthritis, but not Rheumatoid. My tests they say don't show RA but I do have chronic joint pain and hypothyroidism. I also have a massive pain in my hands and arms and elbows and wrists and neck and shoulders. I just am a huge body of pain. I just want to find relief.
by marcus at 2018-11-19T17:27:39
Anxiety | Chronic Pain
You should check in to an open MRI facility. The resolution of the open ones is now on par with what you get from the old style tubes. I'm never climbing in to one of those damn things again. I needed 4 studies (8 if you count with and w/o contrast dye) from brain to butt and all I had to do was sit in a cramped chair watching bad Adam Sandler movies. I dont know if the area they need to scan presents a problem, but I kind of doubt it. This facility does a volume business and it seemed to be the only MRI machine in the joint. The ineptitude and lack of care regarding your pain is the new normal, thanks to greedy addiction professionals creating a crisis where none really exists. Dropping the prescribing of pain medication to its lowest level in decades hasn't done a thing but leave people in untreated pain. If they could stop the use of heroin, they would see a drop in deaths, but since the only action they can take is restricting legitimate use of pain medication, that's what they do. That it is the complete opposite of what they should do, driving people in pain to seek out dangerous alternatives, doesn't seem to matter. I have something for you that I have shared with a lot of people for panic/anxiety attacks like you experienced. It works pretty good for most folks. Its a breathing method called the Relaxation Response. They have a website at . It explain how to do it, what it does and how it works. In a nutshell, our bodies are hardwired to respond in certain ways to threat, like pain and fear. It boosts your adrenaline so you can either fight more fiercely or run away from threat as fast as you can. Imagine cavemen hunting prey or being hunted as prey. Its that sort of reaction (called the fight or flight response), which can be an advantage at the right time. It can really screw you up at the wrong time or if you're "adrenaline pump" gets stuck in the on position. The Relaxation Response is how you turn it off. I know youre probably rolling your eyes about some BS meditation idea. The RR has a little of the same crap, like imagining your "happy place" as you do the exercise. Who's got a "happy place" when they are freaking out with pain and anxiety? Just put your mind in to some benign thought. I suggest people just count as they inhale and exhale. If your mind jumps from the count to paying this month's rent, no big deal, just go back to your counting. Worrying about doing it wrong can be less help than not doing it at all. You can't really do it wrong, its breathing. You should get this MRI done and have them send you your own copy of the report. Try and understand what they see. The docs are their to give an opinion of a diagnosis. Sometimes they consider something insignificant and it may not be so. You should at least be armed with questions. Not everything the may find will cause pain. Disc bulges and herniations are often harmless if they dont compress a nerve. But they can affect how you sit, stand, and move and it can knock everything above and below out of alignment, causing muscle fatigue and pain. Insignificant is a matter of judgement and the better you understand what creates their opinion, the better off you will be. If you want there folks here that can help explain the results. Just make sure you redact any personal info. Hang in there.
by sally at 2018-11-19T17:38:53
Went through this myself and will again in a couple weeks with open mri. The nurse had me take a valium 40 min before my appt. Benadryl 10 min before and 2nd valium right before I walked in the door. I asked them to let me lay down with cloth over my eyes for a minute or two before sliding me in and not to talk to me the entire time. I recited nursery rhymes and song lyrics in my head the whole time. It was perfect and I barely remember the drive home but hubby said I was talking fine.
by john at 2018-11-19T17:36:52
They'll give you Ativan or something like it. I've had it for MRIs before. Definitely helps you relax. <3 I'm sorry your in so much pain. I have a pain condition myself. It's never easy. This MRI will help the Drs get to the bottom of things for you.
by jake at 2018-11-19T17:36:30